Clicker Problems

Clicker Problems

Clicker Problems Sometimes accidents occur to us, sometimes, once too many… We know that remote controllers make your life so much easier when entering or exiting your garage carport. If you look at your remote controller and struggle to find its original shape, you should go to us right away, these may mean a considerable upgrade to your garage door, but if they fall one too many times, they prove not to be so resistant. No matter the reason why your remote looks like an original Picasso, Auburn Garage Door Repair will help you replace it. We have the biggest stock of remote controller models available for you. Let our crew take a look at your damaged control; we can even test it for you. Anything you need in order to give you the best always. Whatever problem you are facing with your garage door; whether it’s mainly the door, Read More…

Better Safe than Sorry

Better Safe than Sorry When you make an investment, you make sure it’s secure and Auburn Garage Door Repair is no exception.  Although we offer the lowest prices, getting a garage door means an amount of money. To make sure your investment is protected, we help you understand the functioning and the correct care your doors need. What difference does it make to keep your garage doors cared for? It implies that your garage doors and the system that enables it have a longer lifespan than they normally would. Of course, there are some parts that require professional installment and care, but that’s exactly where Auburn Garage Door Repair comes in. In many places there is the increasing problem of break-ins that cause you to lose money and not to mention give you and your family a great scare. If your garage doors aren’t in best shape, they offer intruders Read More…

Remote Issues

Remote Issues If your remote or clicker has started to malfunction, now is the perfect time to get that looked at. Auburn Garage Door Repair offers all types of broken remote services, from recalibration and replacement to battery replacement demonstrations. We’ll be happy to help. Regardless of the problem, Auburn Garage Door Repair and our team of professionals can have it fixed as soon as possible. Proper maintenance of doors can remove stress and add years to the life cycle of your door. We provide the best quality door service in Auburn, so call Auburn Garage Door Repair.

Fixing the Problem before It’s Too Late

Fixing the Problem before It’s Too Late When you continue to maintain your garage doors the way you’re supposed to, they can have many added benefits. Garage doors are a major investment in your property’s security and appeal. Whether it’s your home, business, or car, call Auburn Garage Door Repair. We’re always here to help! It is important to know the first signs of an aging garage door. Knowing what to look for and how to spot the signs are helpful when determining any security threats to your property. Often times, criminals can detect issues and know what to look for before you do and that puts you at great risk for break ins and other issues.  It is important to make sure that locks are working at all times. If you aren’t sure what to look for, call Auburn Garage Door Repair and one of our security experts can Read More…